Ian Carty

Born in Sligo on 01.04.1977, Ian first started working with clay in 1998 as a potter’s apprentice learning to glaze and fire all types of ceramics including Raku pottery.

In 2011, I set up my own studio in Sligo where I am now making and supplying a number of gallery’s throughout Ireland and the USA, for this I need to be extremely creative and artistic, a good problem solver. I do all my own marketing and product development, attending trade shows to generate new retail outlets and suppliers, while managing a small retail outlet. Making invoices and order forms a good knowledge of computers is a must!

Dragon Glaze is a mix of 2 glazes, the base glaze is a raku glaze that is altered to melt at a lower temperature to assist in the second process of the firing. The second is a unstable glaze that is normally considered problem or defect for most potters. Everyone of Ian’s pieces is a one of a kind work of art with enchanting surface texture, the technique Ian uses is often considered to be a glaze defect that should be avoided, however Ian has learned to use this so-called defect very effectively as an intentional decorative element.

“I don’t seek in perfection in each piece, in life nothing is ever perfect, if everything was perfect we could never progress or change, it is my flaws and mistakes that make me stronger, instead I appreciate the perfections in my quest for the perfect imperfection.” – Ian Carty

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