Victor Richardson

Victor Richardson lives and works in County Cork, and over many years he has developed a vibrant and highly distinctive style of landscape painting in the Neo-Impressionist tradition. He has exhibited widely in Ireland, the UK and USA and his work is in public and private collections all over the world. His biggest commission to date was to paint six large oils for the bar of the recently refurbished Shelbourne Hotel, one of Ireland’s landmark buildings.

He carries on the exploration of colour vibration pioneered by the Seurat over a century ago. Colour values are intensified by placing contrasting
hues beside one another in a series of small dashes and spots. This tessellation  produces a shimmering luminosity which makes his work
instantly recognisable. He draws his inspiration from the play of light in the air and on the water of ponds, rivers and canals from England to the Low Country of the American South. Despite the busy surface texture, his work is tranquil, with an almost Zen like quality.

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